Age Boldly,

Live Purely.

ASTA80 is dedicated to promoting a vibrant, healthy life into age 80 and beyond, drawing inspiration from the importance of this age in various cultures.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin the king of anti Oxidant, known for its vibrant colors in creatures like salmon, acts as a powerful natural antioxidant in our bodies. It is an internal protector that helps counter the effects of stress and aging on our cells.

About ASTA80

ASTA80 is committed to providing superior quality, with a minimum of 80% pure Astaxanthin concentration from natural red algae using US-patented biological fermentation, ensuring optimal health and longevity for our users.

ASTA80 Nutrition Fact

Found in foods like salmon, it serves as a natural defense mechanism, promoting overall well-being by supporting our body’s resilience against oxidative stress. It subtly contributes to our health and vitality.

The Magical Effect of ASTA80

Superior Skin Whitening
& DNA Protection for Months

Increase Athletic Endurance

& Strength

Enhances Hearing & Eyesight

Increases Lifespan

Advisory Expert


Rizal Z.

I have ringworm infection on my wrist for a period of 2 months, and nothing seems to work. Joshua came by and introduce me to this product called ASTA80. For a period of 1 month, I notice considerable changes to my infection specifically in the 3rd and 4th week. Eventually I recovered from my ringworm infection. I have much more energy and much more focus on my day to day work. So I think that is down to the ASTA80 product. I really recommend to anyone out there who want to try a go to supplement this is the best one out there


I had a hair loss issue. I was introduced to this product, and after consuming it for about 2 weeks, I actually saw results. With regards to actually feeling my hair when I shower, or when I go to the salon. There is actually tested and proven results. Even when I am tired, and I pop two pills down, I actually feel the energy increase.

Why ASTA80?

Safety Commitment

The number “80” represents the goal of promoting and maintaining a strong and healthy life span to 80 years and beyond. In many cultures, turning 80 is an important milestone, and ASTA80 is a tribute to a vibrant life beyond that age. The “80” further emphasizes the potency of the product, with a concentration of at least 80% pure Astaxanthin, highlighting its purity, quality and effectiveness.

Because each piece undergoes strict quality control, the factory has passed ISO22000 and HACCP safe food production control.
This product has also received U.S. (FDA) New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) approval.
The product ensures no heavy metals, chemicals, genotoxicity, 310 pesticide residues, plasticizers, and microbial safety and analysis to ensure that your food safety is fully guaranteed.


1 box, 60 softgels


  • Improves antibody function

  • Most effective and powerful antioxidant

  • Unique deep-nourishing mechanism

  • Combined with Lutein and Sacha Inchi Oil for greater benefits

  • Helps the fight against cancer and many other ailments

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